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Rare Polychrome Jasper Pendant Necklace


The rarest form of jasper is within your grasp. Inspired by the lockets of Shakespearian England this amazing teardrop pendant is the perfect accessory for any occasion.  Going from an afternoon at the local market to the theater you will arrive where you're going in style.


The Wire

  • solid copper wire
  • aged with a solution of liver of sulfur and polished to show an age beyond its years
  • we use Para Wire exclusively , its reputation speaks for itself
  • it is our recommendation that all jewelry be stored in an area out of direct light when it is not being worn to avoid fading of the different components

The Stone

  • Polychrome Jasper is a rare form of jasper
  • also known as Royal Savannah and Desert Jasper
  • mined in Madagascar
  • Very strong grounding, centering and stabilizing energy that will deepen and strengthen the connection to Mother Earth
  • 2 1/4 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide
  • 18 inch multi strand cord with 2 inch extender included