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About The Twisted Faerie

Our journey began in 2013 and through following the movement of the stones and wire, has brought us here, to this place I lovingly call home.  Welcome to The Twisted Faerie.
My name is Cindy.  I am the wire weaver behind The Twisted Faerie and the Pixie Protégé.  Through many hours of studying stones and working the wire, I have honed in on that movement to teach myself to follow my own path.  That path and many hours of self-exploration, learning, and experimenting has brought me to opening The Twisted Faerie so that I may share each design with you. Every design is organic and unique as the person who wears it. 
My love for this craft is connected to my love of history and our ancestors.  Artifacts of hand woven wire have been found in archaeological digs going back to biblical times and Viking weave remnants and artifacts have been found at many Viking sites.  I believe that forgetting the ways of those that come before us leaves us vulnerable to losing our humility and humanity.  The Twisted Faerie is both about the lessons that life has taught us in the past, and the adventures the future has in store.
It is my greatest hope that my hands have created not only an accessory you will love for years to come, but that I have in some way inspired you to go forth to create a place in the world where you too will fly fierce and free.  
Like the rocks aid the river’s flow many loved ones have inspired and influenced me and deserve mountains of my thanks. 
I would like to thank you, our patrons.  Without you our dreams and our journey would be a lonely road.  You put food on our tables, clothes on our backs and a song in our heart.  Your support keeps these dreams alive.  
My daughter, Lauren has been with me since the beginning of this journey.  She is the left hand to my right.  Quite honestly, without her, this would not be possible.  With all of my thanks and more love than I can possibly express I owe you a lifetime of gratitude for your just being you.  
Steve endures my long hours and prepares inventory for live events and keeps our household going.  Joyce offers festival support by keeping things moving and is always there with an extra set of hands at the end of the day.  
To the rest of my family, I thank you for all of your support as we made our way home.  
There aren’t words to express the joy I have gained in travelling this path, the one that lead here, to The Twisted Faerie, and to you. So, to this I say, Love, light and peace to you and yours, and open roads to all who pass this way…