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The basis for all we do, the Twisted Faerie is not only a line of accessories it is a fierce devotion to independence and acceptance.  It is our belief that through celebration of all that makes you unique a kinder gentler world will emerge.  We are committed to the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson,

"To know even one life has 

breathed easier because 

you have lived. This is 

to  have succeeded."

The team at the Twisted Faerie is a group of 6 fiercely strong and independent women devoted to the quality and integrity of all we create.  Handcrafted and original jewelry and accessories, the designs and materials inspired by ancient traditions and techniques.

Artifacts of hand woven wire have been found in archeological digs going back to biblical times.  Viking weave remnants and artifacts have been found at many Viking sites.  

It is the hope of these collective women that with our hands we have created not only an accessory you will love for years to come but that we have in some way inspired you to go forth to create a place in the world where you too will fly fierce and free.  

May peace, love and light be with you all your days,

may your travels be always on open roads.


The team of the Twisted Faerie bid you good day.


Cindy, Owner, Designer

Lauren, Partner, Designer, Customer Consultant

Riley, Junior Partner, Morale Booster

Jennifer, Graphic Design, Business Consultant, Copy Expert

Sam, Artist, Author, Customer Consultant

Cathy, Seamstress, Doll and Floral Design