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Keepers of the Spirit Stone Skeleton Key Pendant Necklace


The Spirit Stone lies in the moss covered corner of the garden, her keepers hold the key to the garden gate.  From the dark recesses the dragon peers out and the dragonfly flits around overhead. 

 Your skeleton key pendant creates a story all its own entangled in the titanium woven wrap.  Create a story uniquely your own when you wear your pendant adding an element of mystery to your life.  It's never a bad thing to keep them guessing now is it...

 A brilliant blue dragon's eye is emerging from the aged silver wire weave that encases the antique key, a silver detailed dragon fly and multiple crystals, clear and pale blue add a bit of fairy dust to your pendant.


The key

  • The skeleton key is from a local antique store and has been repurposed

    The wire

    • A solid core of copper with a enameled titanium finish
    • This wire has a sealant on it
    • Discoloration and further aging should not be an issue
    • As with all jewelry when it is not being worn we advise storing your jewelry in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

      The beads and components

      • Crystal beads are not as fragile as glass but can be chipped and broken
      • Direct blows and hits can cause injury to the crystals.  Avoid harsh contact with hard surfaces
      • The components used in this design are metal, plastic and glass.
      • This pendant is not intended to be used by small children

       Pendant dimensions

      • 3 ½ inches in length
      • 1 ½ inches wide