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Jeweled Faerie ears


When the wee ones are about do watch your step as one never knows when a faerie may leave a gift.  Lest you watch you may miss this.  Never insult the fae of our Knowe by destroying that which has been bestowed.  

Look there, tis a gorgeous pair of jeweled faerie ears in shades of purple, deep blue and emerald green.  Encased in swirls and twists of a bare copper wire.  

Be ready for the next festival, in your faerie ears you are sure to be the envy of all those present.  

The wire
  • bare solid copper wire
  • we use Para Wire exclusively, we trust the quality and the service.
  • we always recommed storing your jewelry in an area that is out direct light to ensure the colors stay true.

The Beads

  • glass and crystal seed and faceted beads.

Sizing your elf ears

  • the easiest way to do this is to put them on and pull on the wire that comes out the bottom until they feel snug, other small slow bends may be needed for a secure fit.
  • once fitted properly you will see that they are quite secure