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The Goblin Of The Rosewood Pendant Necklace


Beneath the thorns and brambles lies the Goblin of the Rosewood. Catch him if you dare, bring good luck to your day.  The copper vines have hidden him from view but for one eye.  Look fast as he is liable to scamper away from you to hide once more.

May the spirit of the Goblin of the Rosewood become a well-worn friend and this necklace bring with it many days of joy in your life. Your story, your way, when you wear your key you are not only enchanting, you will enchant all who spy the goblin in your one of a kind key to the garden gate.

A story to tell and a one of a kind design will make this skeleton key necklace one you will treasure for years to come.

Goblin of the Rosewood Copper Pendant Necklace

  • Antique skeleton key, authentic origins
  • Bare copper wire
    • The wire used for this pendant is a solid copper wire
    • There is no coating on the wire, this is called a bare wire
    • This wire will age to a rich dark color as it oxidizes
    • If you wish to maintain the color as it is when you receive it we suggest using a super fine steel wool to rub the areas you would like to lighten, and you’re ready to go
  • Glass beads and roses
    • All of the beads used are glass
    • Avoid high impact with the pendant, as with any glass it will break
    • The roses are made of plastic and should require no additional care
    • All of the beads and roses have been wired and secured to the pendant
    • The eye is a glass cabochon with a paper back
      • It is not recommended that you submerge the pendant in any water for this reason
    • As is the case with all jewelry it is advised that when not wearing your pendant you store it in an area out of direct light to avoid bleaching of the colors from the pendant.
    • Pendant measures 3 3/8 inches in length and 1 ¼ inches in width
    • FREE 24 inch ball chain included with pendant