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Transition From The Depths Pendant Necklace


From the deepest depths of the ocean the othaceras lived and then died.  Breathe new life in to this sea creature of long ago, give it new purpose, and allow it to live again. 

When everyday isn't festival day, when you need to stay true to your character but up the game at the same time, you will reach for your fossil necklace, confidence and imagination are within you grasp.

The intricate patterns in the fossil add to the drama of the pendant wrapped in a rich titanium weave and hanging from a bold chain this unforgettable necklace will add to your mystique.

Orthoceras Fossil Pendant With Matching Titanium Colored Chain

  • About the othoceras fossil
    • Othoceras is an ancient mollusk
    • It lived more than 400 million years ago
    • Its name means straight horn
    • It is a member of the modern day squid family
    • Excellent stone to carry on you as jewelry for its healing powers
    • Thought to bring luck and prosperity to the wearer
  • The wire weave
    • The wire weave was done by hand using a copper core wire with a titanium color finish
    • This wire has a protectant seal on it that should keep your pendant looking new with little to no extra care.
    • Keeping your necklace out of direct light when you're not wearing it is advised to avoid any bleaching of colors
  • The chain
    • The titanium color thick chain is a nickel free product
  • Sizing information
    • Pendant is 3 inches long, 1 ½ inches wide
    • Chain is 20 inches
    • Includes large lobster claw clasp